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Enrollment for our current private retreat is now full. Our next enrollment window will be in Fall 2021, for the 2022 Costa Rica retreat season.

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The Awakening Accelerator is a unique group retreat, designed to accelerate the healing of major wounds, help you get unstuck, and create massive energy shifts in your whole Being.

You work with Drea in breathtaking paradise.

Drea started these highly transformative retreats after experiencing a deep spiritual awakening and spending 4 years in solitude, living close to nature. In those years, she learned the central theme for her coaching and healing philosophy:

A blocked heart is the source of our biggest pains and challenges in life.

Through her own heart healing and opening, Drea was able to overcome significant childhood trauma and step fully into a new life of purpose and joy.

Although Drea's awakening process was slow and tedious, she’s designed Awakening Accelerator to be different.

The Awakening Accelerator was designed to fast-track your “Awakening Process” and upgrade your energy.

You heal from the past, open your heart, unblock all the sticky points in your life, and step forward with joy and purpose.

You may have done a lot of personal development and healing work on your own. But now it’s time to experience a deeper level of growth than you ever thought possible.

Nicole Peltier, BSN, RN

"It has been a complete pleasure connecting with this insightful, talented and adventurous, light being.  I was seeking connection to others that have been called to a higher purpose on this earthly plane.  I am inspired to continue doing what I do AND have reaffirmed my purpose through our powerful reading together.  Loving guidance from this truly honest and dynamic light worker has impacted my life in a profoundly positive way."  



We keep our retreat groups small (20 max) so you won’t get lost in the crowd. Drea works very closely with each participant, ensuring that the healing and transformation work is well integrated. She also has a team of trusted coaches and healers that also help out during the retreat. So you’ll be well taken care of.


There’s a reason we call this retreat an “Accelerator”: you’ll experience profound transformation and breakthroughs on your toughest challenges and wounds. We’ll be together for a week and in that time, expect to uncover any past pain that limits you, heal it, open your heart, and step into more clarity about your life purpose. Clients typically report feeling major shifts in their energy and well-being within a couple of days of working together.


Picture yourself walking across untouched nature, surrounded by a vast blue ocean, meditating on lush pastures overlooking endless rolling hills. 


Booking retreats can be stressful and time-consuming, especially if you’re already super busy. There are lots of logistics to think about: booking flights and hotels, figuring out on-the-ground transportation, trying to find the best ticket deals. But since we’re obsessed with providing an outstanding customer experience, you can expect strong logistics support from us. We remove the headaches that you can have with typical retreat bookings.


Mud baths, massages, and pedicures may be comfortable experiences, but they don’t change your life. Many people go on luxurious retreats, with lots of bells and whistles but then get home and find that nothing has really changed. At the Awakening Accelerator, you get to the core of what needs healing and transformation, without any distractions. We remove all the superficialities of typical retreats and get you back to what really matters: a close connection with your coach and the healing power of nature. But don’t worry, we promise you’ll still be pampered: just not with mud baths or colonics (if you consider a colonic “pampering”).


Most retreats don’t include any extracurricular activities or on-the-ground support. But the AwakeningAccelerator kicks it up a notch by providing incredible daily activities and perks included in the price of the retreat. Some of our top activities include hiking trips, sea kayaking, speed boating, and sound healing sessions. Also included in your retreat are hotel, all meals, and all on-the-ground transportation needs. And to top it off, we can also hook you up with our wellness travel partner if you want to book extra vacation time before or after the retreat to go island hopping! Why not pair some playtime in with the transformative work we will be tackling on retreat?


Most retreats end when you check out of the hotel and head home. But not the Awakening Accelerator. With us, you’ll continue to be guided and assisted for months after the retreat ends. After the retreat, you’ll get one follow-up group coaching session with Drea and a post-retreat online course to help you integrate back into the real world. We really want to make sure that you incorporate all the breakthroughs from the retreat into your daily life back home.

Sudeshna Maiti

Business Analyst in Banking and Technology
"Drea’s session was a memorable and one of a kind experience for me where I was able able to get a deeper sense of the purpose of life and the importance of becoming the highest version of one self , along with concepts of connection with the universe explained to us in a simple and relatable way, with tons of real life examples and with much compassion and love.
This is what stood out to me - Drea always takes time to understand the questions and explain them with patience and a deep understanding. The session was very interactive and self paced.  I felt very much connected to her techniques and will definitely use them for my spiritual journey and look to many more lives and sessions with Drea in the future.
Definitely recommend 100% percent." 

Mark F.

Media Analyst

"I was very fortunate to meet Drea. I am very picky when it comes to people I choose to help me see or feel things about my life. I could feel her warm and nurturing energy, and I was immediately put at ease. 

Our time was spent exploring who I was...who I really was.

Without a doubt, I will speak with her again. This young woman speaks from her heart, and surrounds you with the light of her spirit. 

My time with her was one of the best ways I could ever spend my time. I honestly suggest you open yourself to the possibility of sharing time with her, feeling her joy and insight. I was very glad I did."

Keith Van Buskirk
Bus Operator

"Drea Moksha, what a gift she is to those who discover her! A few months ago I was going through a pretty dark time, struggling with a negative self image, struggling with my self worth confused, angry, and wondering if life is even worth living, what's my purpose? why am I here?

Like everybody else I've made mistakes in life and I had punished myself ruthlessly for so many years. I awakened in 2018 and by means of reiki and hypnotherapy was making some really good progress on my inner healing journey. Covid-19 of course shut everything down and it wasn't long before I began to regress back into that dark place. I discovered Andrea on social media and her one minute videos encouraged me to stop the negative self-talk, love myself, seek inner healing, to stop punishing myself for my past and live in the moment. Her energy and her words spoke very deeply to me. At first I resisted because I know once you start that healing journey it's not easy but I know with her help and guidance I can do it.

Drea is professional, and compassionate, just by the way she talks to you, you can tell that she really cares about you and wants to see you become the best person you can be. Drea has the knowledge, experience, skills, and tools necessary to guide you on your journey. I am so glad I discovered her, and I am very excited to continue my inner healing journey with her guidance."


Finally be free from your core wounds and blocks in life, even the ones you thought were already healed but still lingered.


Experience deep, intimate, and heart-centered connections with those you love. And welcome new passionate, long-lasting partnerships, based on vulnerability and soul compatibility.


Get clear on your hidden gifts and talents to fuel your life’s purpose and create meaningful change in the world.


Create prosperity from your heart– instead of your mind– and live a life completely free to do whatever you want (aka no more money worries!)


Gain a deep sense of unconditional love, respect, and acceptance of yourself. Then radiate it outwards toward everyone else around you!


Achieve high levels of resilience and feel joy, happiness, and deep peace– regardless of your outer circumstances. Master your feeling of fulfillment, from within.


Pricing for this retreat varies, depending on what type of package and hotel accommodations you choose. Our base rate for the Awakening Accelerator starts at $4,444 and includes: retreat fee, 7 nights at luxury retreat center, all meals, daily extra activities, on-the-ground transportation (including airport shuttle), post-retreat coaching, and other perks. 

Who leads the Awakening Accelerator? 

I’M DREA MOKSHA, Trained Hynotherapist, Intuitive Empath, Professional Meditator

In 2013, I experienced a profound spiritual awakening (that lasted 6 years) and spent 4 years traveling solo around the world, immersed myself in deep meditation and mindfulness training and clinical hypnotherapy training. In those years of spiritual initiation, I opened my severely blocked heart and healed from significant childhood trauma.

Today, I help people navigate difficult spiritual awakenings, make major life changes, heal from past trauma, and create massive impact in the world.

My career spans wellness, neuroscience, meditation, mindfulness, energy medicine, life-coaching, and spiritual guidance. I have helped 1000s of people heal from their trauma. 


Enrollment for our private retreats is now full. Our next enrollment window will be in September 2021, for the 2022 Spring retreat season.


If you are interested in getting a spot in one of these exclusive retreats, we strongly recommend you join the email list below. We will be launching our retreats to this email list only so make sure you’re on it!