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An intuitive empath, Spiritual coach and teacher, meditation guide, lightworker & unshakable optimist dedicated to helping you become your most Authentic Self.

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Accelerating Your Spiritual Awakening

Accelerate your spiritual awakening. release blockages, and open your beautiful heart so you can heal from any challenge, live in joy, and find deep purpose. 

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Drea has coached hundreds of people through their Spiritual Awakening, helping heal their past and shift their life towards joy and purpose. 

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12 week immersive group coaching program that is guaranteed to transform your life. If opening your heart, balancing your mind, healing from the past, and stepping into a life of joy and purpose resonate, this is the program for you.

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Unique private retreats and 3 month coaching program, designed to accelerate the healing of major wounds, help you get unstuck, and create massive energy shifts in your whole Being.

Drea designed this incredible program to ensure the fastest and most powerful results, guaranteed. 

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Christine Z., USA

I truly recommend taking Drea's class. She is a truly inspiring and openly loving person, ready to listen and help you grow as an individual, no matter what walk in life you're in. When your heart, mind and soul is ready, she is here to help guide you with open arms.

Thank you so much Drea.

With lots of love,

Christine “Cargo Package Handler”

Mark F., Media Analyst

I was very fortunate to meet Drea. I am very picky when it comes to people I choose to help me see or feel things about my life. I could feel her warm and nurturing energy, and I was immediately put at ease. 

Our time was spent exploring who I was...who I really was.

Without a doubt, I will speak with her again. This young woman speaks from her heart, and surrounds you with the light of her spirit. 

My time with her was one of the best ways I could ever spend an hour of my time. I honestly suggest you open yourself to the possibility of sharing time with her, feeling her joy and insight. I was very glad I did.

Esmeralda G., Human Resource Manager 

It has been a truly amazing experience working with Drea both in a group setting and individual setting.  She is able to balance structure and intuition, no easy task.  This is why the sessions that I have been a part of are so powerful. They are tailored to the needs of the individual(s) in that particular moment.  The depth of her work is remarkable and has been an experience I recommend to anyone, no matter where they are in their journey.  Drea is a wealth of information and I feel grateful that she is willing to share it.   I will surely reach out again at some point in my journey.

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